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The Irish Whiskey Awards is proudly partnered with Mary's Meals.

686 Children are fed everyday by the Kapatomoyo School in Zambia by Celtic Whiskey (Celtic Whiskey Shop & Celtic Whiskey Bar) & the Irish Whiskey Awards through the fantastic charity Mary's Meals.



Zambia suffers from high rates of malnutrition, poverty and food insecurity, with many children out of school. For those children who are able to go to school, more than one million attend classes hungry. Since Mary’s Meals began serving meals in Zambia in 2014, the programme has expanded rapidly. We now feed more than 92,000 children in the country!

Quotes from students and teachers at the Kapatomoyo School, Zambia

Chrispin, 11, says that the porridge he receives from Mary’s Meals helps him to concentrate in class. He told us: “We eat porridge at break time, it helps me to get through the day. I come to school because I want to learn and find a job to support my family."

“I love porridge it makes me full. I feel energetic when I eat porridge. Last year I came out position 11 out of more than 30 pupils. I want to become a nurse when am done with school”. – Christine Nkhoma, age 13 Grade 7

“Porridge fills me up. It gives me energy. Last year I came out number 5 out of more than 20 pupils. I want to become a teacher. My favourite subject is Chinyanja”. – Sudden Nkhoma, age 14 Grade 6

“The program has helped improve Attendance, Enrolment and pupils are active in class after taking porridge.” – Kumwenda Luchenga, teacher

“I come to cook so that our children can have food in school, this helps to keep them from skipping lesson and the porridge makes them happy”. – Misozi Phiri, volunteer cook





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